Saturday, 22 August 2009

Scientist/Geek Character

London origins also, lightly based on dr jekyll and mr hyde, other students bully him for his coincidential name Mr. Hyde but he never laughs......

special potion/recipe past down in his family, which he never tells people about, once he drinks it something magical happens ;). inspiration:

Fencer Character

Talked to dan today about our fencer character, who at the moment is my favourite, shes gonna be slick, sexy and her transformation will be even better, a little research into fencing, origins are english fencing master joseph swetnam, rapiers (epee,sword) designs orignate from germany france and spain with thier own designs.Our fencing character will be a decentant of him, he was a massive sexiest believing woman weren't up to the task, she has proven him wrong.

Characters name Miss Swetnam. Transformation is a mutation comes from her sword that was passed down?, based lightly on guyver and josh nizzi's exo-suits, bone type exo-skeleton transformation. Possible sword/Rapier/Epee transformation that has come from joseph swetnam also? , armour has to look like and tight to show fencing ability. inspirations:

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Paul Letarouilly Inspiration

Does anyone know what bloody technique he used to draw these?