Saturday, 22 August 2009

Fencer Character

Talked to dan today about our fencer character, who at the moment is my favourite, shes gonna be slick, sexy and her transformation will be even better, a little research into fencing, origins are english fencing master joseph swetnam, rapiers (epee,sword) designs orignate from germany france and spain with thier own designs.Our fencing character will be a decentant of him, he was a massive sexiest believing woman weren't up to the task, she has proven him wrong.

Characters name Miss Swetnam. Transformation is a mutation comes from her sword that was passed down?, based lightly on guyver and josh nizzi's exo-suits, bone type exo-skeleton transformation. Possible sword/Rapier/Epee transformation that has come from joseph swetnam also? , armour has to look like and tight to show fencing ability. inspirations:

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