Sunday, 31 May 2009

CBBC newsround | School uniforms...

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Who picks the uniform?
School governors normally decide if pupils will have to wear a uniform, they also decide what it should look like.

Governors have to follow the rules below, they can't just choose anything they fancy:

1. Cost: The uniform shouldn't be too expensive as that causes problems for families with loads of kids or not much money.

2. Sexism The uniform policy must be equally fair for boys and girls.

3. Cultures and races: School rules must allow pupils from all backgrounds to wear a uniform. For example, allowing Muslim girls to wear appropriate dress and Sikh boys to wear a traditional headdress.

Demon Fort?
1. I'm guessing our school is a private rich school so the Uniform is gonna be pretty expensive made of the finest materials lol

2. I think the uniform will look pretty cool so the boys won't have anything to complain about... maybe for a laugh we could do a survey with girls around Uni to see what they think the shortest length should be for a school girls skirt! plus then we could also use the chance to find people for a photoshoot if we still want to do that to base our characters on?

3. hmmm could be interesting to throw in other cultures and races as a reflection on Britain's multicultural population today!

Architectures of Control in the Built Environment

First, it is worth looking at the broad range of architectures of control both inside and outside of product design. The use of the term ‘architecture’ is no coincidence, since it is in the planned systems which people inhabit—buildings and environments—that the idea of shaping behaviour is consistently evident.

Urban planning
On a small scale: the high windows of traditional British school classrooms might be positioned in the optimum location for lighting (on the ‘left’ to illuminate the work of right-handed pupils—an ‘accessibility’ debate in itself), but the sills are almost always high enough to prevent pupils’ being distracted by events outside. This is a simple architecture of control.

A traditional British school classroom (built mid-19th century)
A traditional British school classroom often had high window-sills—to prevent the seated pupils from being distracted by more exciting events outside, or indeed staring out of the window.

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I think by doing research like this it'll make every part of our project meaningful, we've got plenty of time so let's take advantage of it, I think even before we finalise our concepts there's a TON of stuff out there for us to learn that we don't know about that will aid us in pushing this project to the next level!

And when it comes to presenting our project, mentioning all these little details will be proof that we done our research and didn't just fart ideas out of our heads...

I know all our farts are great but hey! :)


could this be our design guys? with a varition of skirts and a demontfort school badge.

Friday, 29 May 2009

The Last 10%

Just got some feedback from John Nash on some recent work (Blitz Art Manager)

This is what he had to say about our Queens Project!...

"I like the work you’ve sent and generally you and your crew are doing some really nice stuff there.

The Lecture theatre is coming along nicely. I’ve added a few bits and pieces and a few notes. See what you think. Attention to detail on the backend of the project is key. The last 10% makes a huge difference.

Don’t forget to work on the other map types (Specular etc) to really make thing shine. The different surfaces in the lecture theatre would really pop"

I know it's early to be saying this, but this time round let's enter our transformed states during the last 10% to make that huge difference :)

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Transformed Violin

Just wanted to post these up before i forget; the concept Violins.

Just wanted to post these up before i forget. The concept Violins.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Cricket Kid

Even though I think the transformed state could be wayyyyyy more epic than this, just as an early idea I'm thinking maybe he could keep the caged face, cricket gloves, shinpads but lose the actual helmet top. Just I think showing the face clearly is uber important.

Also found this

Thursday, 21 May 2009


physcopath doodle just a start of something beautiful, gone for the high cheekbones exchange student taken too many drugs look...


cool gargoyle statue to have at the front of the school, he looks wicked....

really like these fountain for the main entrance...i especially like the one with the men holding a big bowl as a fountain design...maybe me and del have our sculpting abilities tested on this one :>

Some Midnight Doodles

just doing some mind spilling onto digital canvas...quite liked one of the images of uniforms so was playing around that idea.

Summons-Paul Bonner

Looking at some art styles that can carry good realism with imagination for the summons...Paul Bonner came to mind ive got his art book and next group meeting ill bring it along but this is what his creatures look like, games workshop use to hire him for designs....defo a western creature artist.


Ron made me think of Cricket-guy.

dat ass

Nice reserach there dan.....heres my input, good example of summon creature, marvel based western creature design which is NOT spliced directly from an animal, it has good strong anatomy however which i think is based of a gorilla maybe?:
bad example of spliced creature design....i hate it guys so dont do it! no fucking lion rabbit men.....

Harry GET CRUNK YEAH! Potter

Some pretty nice environments and something else...

Getaway PS3 Screen Test 2005

This shit was made in 2005 if our environments don't surpass it or at least match it I WILL END ALL OF YOU.

P.S - I wouldn't really do that... GET KRRUUUNK YEEEEEEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Nike Lions

Inspiration for summons! be nice to have some beauty shots like this...


One of the initial sources of inspiration :)