Thursday, 1 October 2009


right guys ive given heather our url. she seems pleased with our brief and our effort so far, the main thing she wants to see now is a 2d knockup of what we want our levels to look like, im thinking bashing our photos together and do a little paintover and show her that, i reckon youd enjoy that dan if you want to give it a shot? we'll all chip in with criq etc and do paintovers of our own.

neway back to progress, ive created a sculpt and mesh for mr.hyde when hes normal to show scale and to show the tutors what they should be expecting. Im tackling hard surface modelling at the moment but when thats out the way ill texture the normal mr.hyde for pratice before our final models/full body characters, big muscle boy is going in the trash, as he was just a art test! I'll get him right when it comes down to making his full mesh.

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