Saturday, 27 March 2010


heres a full body of shuu, shes around 80% complete, so close! and the 2 heads of hyde before and after transformed states. Also I did a big ass render of Shuu's skin using some advance raytrace rendering thingy excuse the wierdness of her eye area theres no alphas so its making her eyes look a little wierd but you get the point i guess.


  1. nice composition in #1

    I guess you're getting a lot of practice in presenting your head renders

  2. but to avoid pulling a powell:

    that skin looks tiiight up close. Are you still going to give hyde crazy mad scientist hair?

    also looking forward to seeing shuu in a pose other than the reference one haha

  3. the rubber boots angle is somewhat strange at the toe. looks twisted. I would experiment with some alternate colours for the backpack/strap. the baby blue isn't doing it for me.