Thursday, 17 December 2009

Design for Characters

heres the young Miss Swetnam, backing story is she is the only female in her family to gain honours in fencing, her family is extremely sexist. her great great grandfather is a legend and the first professional fencer. Her family mysteriously ages slower so no one actually knows her real age but theres rumours of her great great grandfather"Joseph Swetnam" still walking the earth alive looking for a challegde, she secretly considers herself better than him but theyve never fought plus no one believes hes still alive. The dynasty of Swetnam is infact English! one liners :- "put away that sharp tongue of yours and attack me with a blade instead", "prepare to be cut to ribbons by a girl", "spare your chat up lines for someone your own age". START VOTING FOR THE DESIGN YOU LIKE GUYS!

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  1. Personally I like the 4th one, but I'd give it more volume! Like this -