Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Started trying to put together our design document...

My bro wrote this as an idea for the story... let me know what you guys think:

The teacher was a kind man.

The teacher was a very kind man.

The teacher was kind to orphans.

All over the world he travelled, from East to the West, looking for lost children.

To give shelter.

To give shade.

To give hope.

But not for any ordinary lost children.

He was looking for children who were abandoned. Lost. Exiled.

Because they were gifted.

Sometimes, the story was that their parents cast them out of the village because of their gifts.

Sometimes, the story was that their parents were killed by others. Out of hatred. Jealousy. Envy.


it was the gifts
that killed the parents.

No matter the story, these children had one thing in common.

Gifts that no one understood.

No one

but him.

And so he took them in.

One by one.

Promised them that he understood.

Promised that he would help control their gift so as not bring them any more sorrow.

To not be alone any more.

To be in control.

To give them peace.









He gave them everything.

And by giving them everything, he gave them a choice.

To work for him.

To take down every organisation, corporation, syndicate, that went against his kindness.

But so, so very little did they know...

That the teacher was not a teacher.

The teacher was an avenger.

And the enemy that once long ago caused the teacher such great sorrow

the enemy that he seeks to annihilate and eradicate from existence

was the entire race of humanity.

they would be his army.

his gifted, chosen army.



To one day serve and complete his desire for revenge.

and so

they carried on, growing, developing,

cultivating their gifts,

to grant life and take life

in the blink of an eye.

so very little did they know.

except for one child, who now knows...

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  1. ok! so the headmaster is a twisted madman disguised a kind guy?

    and who was child