Friday, 29 May 2009

The Last 10%

Just got some feedback from John Nash on some recent work (Blitz Art Manager)

This is what he had to say about our Queens Project!...

"I like the work you’ve sent and generally you and your crew are doing some really nice stuff there.

The Lecture theatre is coming along nicely. I’ve added a few bits and pieces and a few notes. See what you think. Attention to detail on the backend of the project is key. The last 10% makes a huge difference.

Don’t forget to work on the other map types (Specular etc) to really make thing shine. The different surfaces in the lecture theatre would really pop"

I know it's early to be saying this, but this time round let's enter our transformed states during the last 10% to make that huge difference :)


  1. It should be one of our team quotes: "The last 10%"

  2. fuck me, that ray of light he did made it look pro! oh well at least we impressed him to some extent and it was only a 2nd year project, muhaha! yea lets really hit our new project with a massive 10%!!!!!

  3. what del said

    this is v. interesting & helpful. Thanks dan.