Sunday, 31 May 2009

CBBC newsround | School uniforms...

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Who picks the uniform?
School governors normally decide if pupils will have to wear a uniform, they also decide what it should look like.

Governors have to follow the rules below, they can't just choose anything they fancy:

1. Cost: The uniform shouldn't be too expensive as that causes problems for families with loads of kids or not much money.

2. Sexism The uniform policy must be equally fair for boys and girls.

3. Cultures and races: School rules must allow pupils from all backgrounds to wear a uniform. For example, allowing Muslim girls to wear appropriate dress and Sikh boys to wear a traditional headdress.

Demon Fort?
1. I'm guessing our school is a private rich school so the Uniform is gonna be pretty expensive made of the finest materials lol

2. I think the uniform will look pretty cool so the boys won't have anything to complain about... maybe for a laugh we could do a survey with girls around Uni to see what they think the shortest length should be for a school girls skirt! plus then we could also use the chance to find people for a photoshoot if we still want to do that to base our characters on?

3. hmmm could be interesting to throw in other cultures and races as a reflection on Britain's multicultural population today!

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