Thursday, 21 May 2009


I spoke to a few professional 3D artists about our project and basically gave them a run through over what we were planning to do for our project. Here's the basic feedback:

- The things that make it extremely good are that it's original without being unrealistic or a bad idea. Especially the 'British' 'Cambridge' idea. I'm told it will be something that will definitely be 'remembered' as a portfolio piece because every art director has seen infinite cyborgs/derelict grimy buildings etc.
- Two schools is a bad idea. This kept cropping up as a really bad thing to do because of a few reasons:

- We will essentially be complete two 'half-finished' projects that are too different to ever be cohesive.

- One school will ALWAYS look much better than the other, especially if we have to display them against each other. Making two opposing things look equally interesting is apparently a project all by itself, which is why games choose 1 art direction and stick with it to the end if it can be helped.

Grounding the architecture and characters in reality will make us so much more employable. We shouldn't try to incorporate anything fantastical about their 'normal' states. Students often make things 'warcrafty' to hide their lack of technical skill to replicate what they see around them. Let's prove we can make real shit.

The 'transformed states' and 'summons' is a kool idea cos it separates and combines gamey game art with reality :)

Keep all the characters and enviro's 'related' artistically . Consistency is an a loved skill all by itself. Its a good idea to prove that we can make them look like they are from the same 'area'.

Need to hear what you guys all think so we can move forward as a team. The only real big thing we need to look at here is the fact that we should do 1 school instead of 2. But I really love Cam's idea of having opposing forces so i really want to keep that the main theme. I'm thinking we could still pull this off by having rival forces in the single school. Maybe some of the students don't wear the uniform properly or something? Like rebels?
Or maybe there or more than 2 opposing factions. Like for example the Cricket team HATE the Football team or single rivalries like the Violinist hates the DJ or something. Throw down some thoughts on it, nothing is decided until we all have our input. We're a team!


  1. I'm down with making one school, purely so we don't need to worry about trying to make two different schools equally as cool as each other, and instead focus on one with excellent exection.

    There's still room for rivalry, there can be seperate groups within a class itself...

    Or if it's a University, we can have the characters be students from different courses or societies.

  2. i like the idea of one school, defo the stronger classical idea is best, im up for sticking with that easy to have a rivalry in one actually kinda makes more sense, when i was at school i hated other classes more than other schools...., maybe have summons against powerup characters?