Thursday, 21 May 2009

Some Midnight Doodles

just doing some mind spilling onto digital canvas...quite liked one of the images of uniforms so was playing around that idea.


  1. nice idea, Cam. But i think maybe to stay true to the realism we should just PICK an existing school uniform then 'add' accessories to each character via concepting.

    just so the level of realism is achieved and we still get to add our touch.

    what do u think?

  2. we do get to go wild on the 'power up' stages though!!

  3. yea staying true to realism is at the top of my list so probably better picking a uniform, that means we'd only have to design thier faces and hair styles and accessories...easy enough, looks like were gonna have to watch st.trinians for research reasons, hopefully the fit girls will make up for the total shit story line....

  4. lol who will be paying attention to the storyline?

    I think it might be worth trying to paint directly over photos of real people in uniforms to concept so that the foundation is 100% realistic, what do you think?